Design Interfaces & get <Source code/>

BuilderX is a screen design tool which codes React Native for you
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Design and code seamlessly

Design without boundaries, the code is generated simultaneously.

Copy from BuilderX and paste in your Editor

BuilderX has the file format `.js`. Copy part or full code of an app design.

Create re-usable components

Save your designed components as symbol and then simply add it to your design next time.

Live reload

Live preview works on real device. Shout out to the Expo team to make it happen.

More features coming soon

  • Support for TypeScript
  • Support for Windows
  • Integration with Storybook


  • Google Flutter integration
  • Styled-components
  • Animation (like Adobe Flash)

React Native EU Conference 2017

September 6th-7th, Wroclaw, Poland

Stay updated with the progress

Build real mobile apps effortlessly.
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