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v4.2.96 / 18 April, 2023


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React React Native
export default () => <View style={styles.button}>
  <Text style={styles.text}>Create Account</Text>

const styles = Stylesheet.create({
  button: {
    background: "#23b9d1",
    borderRadius: 50
  text: {
    color: "white"

Designing & Building an app with BuilderX

A quick demo to show how we can build a Reddit clone in minutes using BuilderX.

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Built something amazing? Share it with the team! Be it a developer or someone who you want to share your progress with, the projects can be shared by a simple link.

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Seamlessly convert Sketch designs to React Native & React  

Flex Layout

Developers like it Flex. Designers like it Absolute. Though BuilderX tries to automatically convert Absolute to Flex, you can specifically define Flex Layouts in BuilderX.

Component Export

Take what you need. Not every developer is a fan of the folder structure we generate. So why compromise? Just export the parts what you like as Components.

Component Library

BuilderX has a range of components to make design process easier.Create custom UI and use them across the project.

Icons for every need

Use from a list of Open Source icons for your need, right from the tool

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