End User License Agreement for BuilderX

Please read this End User License Agreement (EULA) before You Use BuilderX (all as defined in clause 1.1 below). By using BuilderX, You agree, without reservation, to be bound by the terms of this EULA. If You do not agree with the terms of this EULA, please do not purchase a subscription and/or use BuilderX. If You accept the terms and conditions in this EULA on behalf of a company or other legal entity, You warrant that You have full legal authority to accept the terms and conditions in this EULA on behalf of such company or other legal entity, and to legally bind such company or other legal entity. You may not accept this EULA if You are not of legal age to form a binding contract with GeekyAnts.

  1. Definitions
    1. In this EULA the expressions below shall have the meaning assigned to them in this clause, unless the context requires otherwise:
      • "GeekyAnts" : Sahusoft UK Limited, 7 Frogwell Cl, Harringay Warehouse District, London N15 6ED, United Kingdom;
      • "BuilderX" : GeekyAnts’ application BuilderX;
      • "Paid version" : the license for BuilderX for the term specified on the Website where You purchase the license, or in any applicable agreement concerning the purchase of the license to Use BuilderX;
      • "Trial version" OR "Free version" : The license for BuilderX which allows You to Use BuilderX free of charge with limited features as described on the website;
      • "Updates" : any modified versions and updates of, and additions to BuilderX;
      • "Use" : Access https://builderx.io, create project or get benefit from using BuilderX;
      • "You" : you, the final and ultimate user of BuilderX or the authorized representative of a company or other legal entity that will be the final and ultimate user of BuilderX, as applicable;
      • "Website" : the website for BuilderX: https://builderx.io.
    2. General

    3. This EULA applies to any license granted to You by GeekyAnts for the use of BuilderX.
    4. By downloading and using BuilderX, You enter into this EULA with GeekyAnts.
    5. In order to be able to install BuilderX, Your computer shall have access to the Internet and shall meet the system requirements.
    6. The upto-date prices applicable to Your use of BuilderX are published on Website.. By Using BuilderX at a particular moment You agree to the prices published as of that moment.
  2. License
      • GeekyAnts grants BuilderX to you as part of your subscription to Use BuilderX. You are given a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited, revocable license to Use BuilderX in accordance with this EULA. BuilderX is licensed (only for the period of payment), not sold, only in accordance with this EULA.
      • GeekyAnts is and remains the owner of any intellectual property rights with respect to BuilderX. You shall not acquire any ownership to BuilderX as result of Your purchase of BuilderX subscription or Your Use of BuilderX.
      • Your license is valid for a month from the date you purchase it. For example, if You purchase Your license on 3rd March, 2018, Your license will be valid till 3rd April, 2018. To continue using BuilderX after that date, You will need to renew your license unless You have opted for auto renew.
      • If You don’t renew Your license, Your access will fallback to the free version of BuilderX after the license expires.
      • GeekyAnts doesn’t refund once a license is purchased. You can always cancel Your subscription for the next month.
      • VAT or any other applicable taxes may be added to Your purchase of BuilderX subscription.
  3. Permitted use and restrictions
    1. You may Use BuilderX on one computer only at a time with a single account, unless You have purchased more than one Paid version or Trial version.
    2. You shall Use BuilderX in accordance with applicable laws and shall not:
      1. Rent, lease, lend, sell, redistribute, sublicense or otherwise commercially exploit the Paid version or the Trial version;
      2. Assign the Paid version or the Trial version without prior written approval of GeekyAnts;
      3. Use the Paid version or Trial version for any unlawful or illegal activity, or to facilitate an unlawful or illegal activity;
      4. Delete or alter any disclaimers, warnings, copyright or other proprietary notices accompanying BuilderX; or
      5. Copy (except as otherwise provided in this EULA), adapt, translate, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, attempt to derive the source code of, modify or create derivative works of BuilderX or any parts thereof, except to the extent permitted by applicable law.
  4. Support and Updates
    1. GeekyAnts may extend, enhance or otherwise modify BuilderX at its sole discretion and without notice. BuilderX shall not be obligated to provide You with any such Updates. If Updates are made available by GeekyAnts, the terms and conditions of this EULA will govern Your use of and access to such Updates.
    2. All reports and requests can be sent to the Email ID [email protected]
    3. GeekyAnts is not obliged to provide any maintenance, technical or other support for BuilderX, including the Updates.
    4. BuilderX may automatically download and install Updates from time to time. Updates may take the form of bug fixes, new features, or new versions. You agree to receive Updates as part of Your Use of BuilderX.
    5. In order to be able to receive Updates, Your computer shall have access to the Internet and shall meet the system requirements.
  5. Use of data
    1. GeekyAnts collects Your system's UUID, Operating System, IP address and System Name for the sole purpose of collecting usage, analytics and crash reports to make the app better for You.
    2. GeekyAnts collects Your Operating System details, browser details and IP address for the sole purpose of collecting usage, analytics and crash reports to make the app better for You.
    3. GeekyAnts may send you emails regarding Updates, promotions, license and and any other relevant information. You can opt out of promotional emails.
    4. All Your data that is stored on BuilderX's servers is secure, encrypted and is hosted in Germany.
    5. The projects which you create, if marked public, can be accessed in read-only mode by anyone. They will appear in Explore section of the website(https://builderx.io/explore) and can be crawled by search engines.
  6. Disclaimer
    1. BuilderX is provided to You on an "as is" and "as available" basis, without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, fitness for a particular purpose, availability, security, title, non-infringement or backward compatibility.
    2. You Use BuilderX at Your own risk and the entire risk as to satisfactory quality, performance and accuracy is with You.
  7. Liability limitation
    1. GeekyAnts and any third party that has been involved in the creation, production, or delivery of BuilderX are under no circumstances liable for consequential or indirect damages (including damage for loss of profit, business interruption, loss of data, and the like arising out of the use or inability to use BuilderX).
  8. Termination
    1. You may terminate this EULA at Your convenience by discontinuing Your use of the Website and BuilderX. GeekyAnts may discontinue the Website and/or BuilderX or terminate this EULA for convenience upon reasonable period prior written notice (including email or text message) to You.
    2. GeekyAnts is entitled to terminate the Paid version or Trial version by blocking Your access during the license term with immediate effect and without prior notice in the event (i) You fail to comply with any term(s) and conditions of this EULA, (ii) of becoming aware of any (potential) violation of this EULA, (iii) You fail to pay Your (subscription) fee for the subscription within the applicable payment term, or (iv) GeekyAnts is required to do so by law or an order of an applicable court.
    3. Any terms and conditions of this EULA that by their nature should survive termination shall survive termination.
    4. On the effective date of termination of these terms:
      1. Your right to access and use BuilderX shall terminate;
      2. Any other rights granted to You under this EULA shall immediately be relinquished by You;
    5. This EULA will continue to be in force until the expiry or termination of the Paid version or Trial version.
  9. Governing law and disputes
    1. This EULA shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the England, excluding its conflicts of law rules.
    2. Any dispute between GeekyAnts and You shall exclusively be submitted to the competent court in London, England.
  10. GeekyAnts reserve the right to modify this EULA and other terms & conditions related to BuilderX at any time in future on its sole discretion. Such modifications will be effective upon announcing on the Website as notification when You are logged in to Your BuilderX account and by continuing to Use BuilderX, You agree, without reservation, to be bound by the updated terms of this EULA, as and when it becomes applicable. If You do not agree with modifications to this EULA, You can terminate this EULA in accordance with clause 8.

    Version 3 - Effective date: June 12, 2019.