BuilderX Roadmap

A wider view of upcoming updates this year
February - April 2019
  • Release for Windows
  • Improve navigation / prototyping support
  • Improved bi-directional support. Handle loops, conditionals, inline functions etc. in the code to convert it properly into design.
  • Better and easy to use Props editor
  • Make the folder structure of the project flexible
  • Handle different style patterns (inline, stylesheet in same file, stylesheet in separate file) in a React component file (js / jsx) and also provide the flexibility regarding this for code generation.
  • Design time values
  • General improvements in the editor
  • Code editor improvements
  • Visual prototyping
  • Publish and load Shared components from a repository
  • Let the users create and edit SVG shapes
  • Collaboration
  • Sharing preview on web
  • Live preview on phone and desktop
  • Design time values
  • Animation support