Design Tool

Workspace in BuilderX consists of the layout, tools, panels, options, stages and code viewer that are need to design/build a project.


Lingos & Jargons

To have a common api that is consistent across different target code outputs, BuilderX uses some terms to make it easy for the designers and developers to design/build their apps seamlessly.

Following are the commonly used terms in BuilderX:

  • Artboard - It refers to a particular screen or page of your application. For every Artboard, the generated code has a single file.

  • Layer - It refers to basic building block that is used to create the app.

  • Group - It refers to a container of wrapped layers.

  • Components - It refers to a group of layers that are intended to be re-used throughout your design. They can appear in the Layer List as instances of a master Component. Reusable Components are listed in the Layer List with Folder icon on the left to be differentiated. You can override some of the properties for each instance.

  • Rectangle - It refers to a container element that supports layouting.