Getting Started

This is a guide to using BuilderX to build beautiful designs and obtain production ready code. Get assistance with everything related to navigating, operating and troubleshooting BuilderX here.

Minimum Requirements

BuilderX only requires a system with a compatible browser, a stable internet connection and your imagination to operate at full capacity.

Since BuilderX is a cloud based tool, it does not require any space on your physical hard drive. All you projects are stored in the cloud and are associated with your account, so you can access them anywhere.

Compatible browsers: All Chromium based browsers (Google Chrome, Brave, Opera etc.)

Starting a new project

Starting a new project in BuilderX is simple. Log in with your account and click on the Start a new Project tile on the Dashboard screen. That will open up a new project and redirect you to the canvas, where you can start building screens for your app.

Open an existing project

On the Dashboard, you can see all your previously saved projects in tiles. Just click on the one you want to resume working on and it will open that project up for you.

You can also get started with BuilderX with the help of videos covering various aspects of designing your application. You can check them on BuilderX channel.